Costa Rica

Why Buy Real Estate in Costa Rica?

Since the late 1980s, Costa Rica has been more and more known for its ecological wealth and “Pura Vida” lifestyle. Travelers from around the world visit this unique paradise for a number of reasons and many end up staying for those very same reasons. It’s not uncommon to hear the story of someone coming down temporarily and staying here for years.

Costa Rica offers an array of reasons why someone would want to own real estate here. Besides the health benefits that come from living in a place where fresh fruits and vegetables abound and where exercise and outdoor activities are a part of daily life, there is also plenty of fresh air with high oxygen content (there’s a reason we are nicknamed the Central American lung!). In addition, Costa Rica’s real estate market offers great purchase-to-value ratio, and when combined with all the elements that make Costa Rica what it is, it’s no wonder that this beautiful country is growing in every way.

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