Concierge Services

  • Eviction Protection Insurance
  • Landlord Insurance Competitive Pricing
  • Tenant Insurance Competitive Pricing
  • Professional Sports Furnished Housing
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Construction and Rehabilitation
  • Escrow closing discounts
  • Home Inspection Discounts
  • Master Card, Visa, and American Express Accepted

Real Estate

  • Residential Listings and Sales
  • Commercial Listings, Leasing and Sales
  • Business Opportunity (sale or purchase of business)
  • HUD Certified Broker
  • Lease Modification
  • Loss Mitigation (Short Sales)
  • Rental Properties
  • New Home Sales Instant Rebate Program
  • Rent 2 Own Program
  • Seller carry-back program

Recommended Services

  • We provide competitive insurance quotes to protect investors from being over insured or under insured.
  • We make certain your property value reflects today’s market value.
  • We encourage tenants to obtain tenant insurance to insure their personal items and also naming us as additional insured.
  • Pet insurance is required for certain breeds, naming your management company as additional insured.
  • A home warranty is recommended as a hedge against potential major repairs.

Repairs and Maintenance

  • We recommend that you provide us with authorization to make minor repairs under $200.00 or an amount you feel comfortable.
  • Any repairs deducted from the owner reserve or future owner funds will be supported with an invoice from the vendor who completed the work.
  • Any major repairs will be supported with three estimates to insure the best possible pricing and must be authorized in writing by the property owner.
  • Our property manger will verify that all work was completed as agreed prior to paying any invoice.

Eviction Process

  • We make certain to place a qualified tenant in your property; unfortunately, financial circumstances change and on occasion we must follow the eviction process established under the guidelines of “The Arizona Landlord and Tenant Act”.
  • If a tenant is late paying their rent, we provide them with a courtesy call to bring their rent current within 24 hours.
  • If they fail to comply, we issue a five day notice to cure the default and if they fail to cure the default in 5 days, we immediately start the eviction process.
  • In the event we agree to accept partial rent, we require the tenant to sign a non-waiver agreement, which does not waive any of our rights to evict the tenant(s) if terms are breached.

Eviction Protection Plan

  • The eviction process ranges from $300.00 to $550.00 for the basic filing and legal process, however if a trial is requested by the defendant the cost can escalate to $800.00 and delay the eviction process for another 30 days.
  • Eviction protection is a hedge against this process and is available at a nominal cost of $69.00 per year.