Michael Bohlman, Associate Broker

Michael has been in Real Estate for over 14 years. He started off as a Real Estate agent and then achieved his Broker License in 2007 and
Michael-Bohlmannow practices as an Associate Broker. Michael is a native of the valley of the Sun, grew up here in Tempe, Arizona, went to school in Scottsdale, and after High school went to the University of Arizona in Tucson. He graduated with a Retail Management/ Marketing Degree and was put into the Executive program for Foleys, which was owned by May Company at the time, based out of Houston Texas, which is now Macy’s Department Store.

He worked in management with them and decided to make a career change, moved back to Arizona were his family was in 2000. Michael had the ability to start a new career in Real Estate in 2000 and at that time met his wife Jennifer, married her in March 2005 and now they have two great kids, and currently live in Gilbert, Arizona.

“He is dedicated to serving your needs before, during and after the sale. Michael Bohlman is Turning Dreams Into Reality…”

Michael’s business has always been established on referrals and investors, he is very active in investing in Real Estate, and currently owns rental properties. Michael feels if you do not do what you are trying to teach or help with, or work as a professional in, than how can you and your business be successful. Michael has extensive amount of experience with foreign investors, he has clients in all parts of the world, with that in mind he has to have and does have a team in place to help all aspects of real estate, our team consisted of lenders, title companies, servicing companies, attorneys and accountants, that are very familiar with foreign tax laws, this helps to guide everyone throughout the real estate process.

So no matter what the transaction is with everyone working together this Team will bring a successful close to all transactions. They are Full Service Real Estate Company Michael represents, Home buyers, Home Sellers, Real Estate Investors, Single Family Homes, New homes, Luxury homes, Rental properties, Multi-Family units, and 1031 Exchanges, HOA Management, Asset Management, a very unique range of services that comes from experience.

Michael deals in all aspects of Real Estate, being a Broker that gives him the ability to do so and the knowledge to do it. He also works with all sellers including Lender Owned or foreclosure properties and also Short Sales. He currently deals with the largest banks; they have relationships built within the banks making it better to get the short sale accomplished so everyone wins.

We also have lots of experience in seller financing, his team uses current guidelines and follows the new 2014 laws that all banks have to follow, and we educate buyers and sellers on how to do it successfully so everyone is protected during the type of transaction, so they are a Full Service Real Estate Company. Michael is very diverse in Real Estate, and he specializes in contract law in Real Estate. He can bring quick resolution to most challenging situations as well as Build lasting’s relationships with clients.

Michael considers the cornerstone of his business as being honest with his clients. He feels that honesty, integrity, and knowledge is what has made him a success in today real estate market. Michaels pays strict attention to detail and has strong negotiation skills, which he brings to the table for each and every client.

As a communicator, Michael also ensures that his clients are kept informed through every step of their real estate transaction. Michael treats his business as a boutique Real Estate company and prides itself on offering a broad and unique range of services. He is dedicated to serving your needs before, during and after the sale. Michael Bohlman is Turing Dreams Into Reality…

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